FITNESS IS NOT ABOUT SIZE ( and neither is style by the way)

After spending many years in retail, ( I’ve sold everything from A to Z) there have been some real tidbits of wisdom emerge. Tidbit of Wisdom: Style is not about size . In my career, I’ve had the pleasure of serving woman of all shapes, sizes and ages. I sold them everything from lipstick to expensive gowns and yes, even fur coats (please don’t hate me) That’s all behind me now.

The point is, a woman’s true beauty really isn’t measured by her dress size. Some of us know this. How do we get the word out to the rest of humanity? Tidbit of wisdom: Fitness is not about size

Feel and look great no matter what your size. Decide today to get up! Decide you’ll measure your yourself against only yourself, always strive to do your best. Decide not measure your beauty against pumped up, fake, air-brushed standards held by who knows who in society.

When enough of us get up and feel worthy, in spite of cultural standards this is how we will change society! There is one thing we really need is a healthy body, mind and spirit. Lets get started today!

lisa anderson